Installing Apache Sqoop on Ubuntu

Step 1) Create a Sqoop directory by using the command mkdir sqoop so that we can download Apache Sqoop.

Step 2) Download the stable version of Apache Sqoop (ie Apache Sqoop 1.4.7 in the year 2022) Website URL


Step 3) Unzip the downloaded file using the tar command

tar -xvzf sqoop-1.4.7.bin__hadoop-2.6.0.tar.gz

Step 4) Edit the .bashrc file by using the command

nano .bashrc

Step 5) Enter the following commands below in bashrc file and save it

export SQOOP_HOME=”/home/dataengineer/sqoop/sqoop-1.4.7.bin__hadoop-2.6.0″


Step 6) Execute the below command on the command prompt so bashrc gets activated.

source ~/.bashrc

Step 7) Check the installed sqoop version using the below command

sqoop version

Step8) Type ‘sqoop help’ to know the sqoop commands

By Bhavesh