Top 1000+ Big Data Interview Question and Answers

With more companies turning to big data to run their business, the demand for talent is at an all-time high. What does that mean for you? It just translates to better opportunities if you want to get employed in any of the big data-related fields. In the era of big data, companies are turning more and more towards using big data to operate their operations. It means better prospects for employment in any big data-related organization. There is a huge demand for talent in the big data era, with more and more companies utilizing big data to run their operations. It only means better job opportunities if you want to work in any of these fields.

Big Data Interview Guide(BIG) has a collection of more than 1000+ questions with answers asked in the interview for freshers and experienced (Programming, Scenario-Based, Fundamentals, Performance Tunning based Question and Answer). This App is intended to help Big Data Career Aspirants to prepare for the interview on Big Data related technologies.

The interview questions for the following topics:

1) Apache Hadoop
2) Apache MapReduce
3) Apache Hive
4) Apache Pig
5) Apache Spark
6) Apache Kafka
7) Apache Sqoop
8) Apache Flume
9) Apache Cassandra
10) Apache HBase
11) Apache ZooKeeper
12) Apache Yarn
13) Apache Oozie
14) Apache CouchDB
15) Big Data
16) Databricks
17) Cloudera
18) Hortonworks
19) Apache Hadoop Software
20) Apache Software Foundation
21) Hadoop ecosystem
22) Hadoop Cluster
23) Big data Analytics
24) Big data and Hadoop questions
25) Big data universe
26) Apache Accumulo
27) Apache Airavata
28) Apache Ambari
29) Apache Apex
30) Apache Avro
31) Apache Beam
32) Apache Bigtop
33) Apache Calcite
34) Apache Camel
35) Apache CarbonData
36) Apache Daffodil
37) Apache Drill
38) Apache Edgent
39) Apache Flink
40) Apache Hama

Best and complete Big data Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers. This application contains numerous practical scenario questions to learn Hadoop ranging from basic to advance

By Bhavesh