Installing Apache Flume on Ubuntu

System Requirements:

  1. Java Runtime Environment – Java 1.8 or later

  2. Memory – Sufficient memory for configurations used by sources, channels or sinks

  3. Disk Space – Sufficient disk space for configurations used by channels or sinks

  4. Directory Permissions – Read/Write permissions for directories used by agent

The first step is to create a folder Flume:

Make flume directory in /home/dataengineer/

mkdir flume

cd flume

We need to go to the website and click on download.

A new webpage will get open click on  apache-flume-1.11.0-bin.tar.gz

A new webpage will get open  and copy the link shown to you.

Type the below command


You will be able to see the files are downloaded

Unzip the file

Listing the files

Checking the flume version

By Bhavesh