Marketing Analytics Part 3

Marketing analytics for Beginners

NumStorePurchases VS MntGoldProds

MntFishProducts Distribution

Campaign 1

Campaign 2

Campaign 3

Campaign 4

Campaign 5

Section 03: Data Visualization

Products VS Amount Spent



Recall the overall goal: 

You’re a marketing analyst and you’ve been told by the Chief Marketing Officer that recent marketing campaigns have not been as effective as they were expected to be. You need to analyze the data set to understand this problem and propose data-driven solutions…

Summary of actionable findings to improve advertising campaign success:

  • Advertising campaign acceptance is positively correlated with income and negatively correlated with having kids/teens
  • Suggested action: Create two streams of targeted advertising campaigns, one aimed at high-income individuals without kids/teens and another aimed at lower-income individuals with kids/teens
  • The most successful products are wines and meats (i.e. the average customer spent the most on these items)
  • Suggested action: Focus advertising campaigns on boosting sales of the less popular items
  • The underperforming channels are deals and catalog purchases (i.e. the average customer made the fewest purchases via these channels)
  • The best performing channels are web and store purchases (i.e. the average customer made the most purchases via these channels)
  • Suggested action: Focus advertising campaigns on the more successful channels, to reach more customers.
By Bhavesh